Why Us?

3 key factors:
  1. Platform
  2. People
  3. Process


ACSPropel specializes in the OpenACS development platform and the related .LRN eLearning and community system. This provides a stable starting point for client projects.

OpenACS is a database-backed web development platform, suite of applications, and a supporting user community that has been a foundation for web applications since 1998. Designed by graduates of MIT and originally called "ArsDigita Community System", OpenACS has its roots in community applications, particularly those integrating complex permission rules, workflow, and ecommerce with collaboration functionality. "Open" was added in 1999 and the name was changed to "Open Architecture Community System" to reflect the availability of the PostGres database in addition to Oracle and therefore a 100% Open Source stack.

.LRN, an OpenACS product, is the world's most widely adopted enterprise-class open source software for supporting e-learning and digital communities. It is used worldwide by over half a million users in higher education, government, non-profit, and K-12. .LRN is backed by a worldwide consortium, with participation from organizations such as MIT, Greenpeace, University of Heidelberg, Harvard, and many other universities. The European Union invested 3 million Euro to disseminate .LRN throughout Latin America.


ACSPropel CEO, Tracy Adams, is one of the original architects of the OpenACS platform and has been specializing in the technology since before its release in 1998. She has contributed countless lines of code to the open source project and architected dozens of sophisticated web applications, including those for Seimens, HP, MIT, United Way and the Environmental Defense Fund. No one in the world has more experience designing solutions with this technology.

Our VP Client Services has over 15 years of experience building and leading quality assurance teams, most recently was a Director of Quality Assurance and Engineering at EMC.

Only elite programmers get to work for ACSPropel as they must pass a test on basic data modeling, SQL, and web development skills. Weekly design reviews and knowledge transfer sessions and an OpenACS learning center ensure continuous learning and collaboration between our developers.


ACSPropel structures development around use cases. As use cases are defined, they are recorded and then tracked through a process of development, quality assurance and client check off before release to the production. Development projects have specific quality checkpoints such as design kickoff, a data model review, and then a general code review. No code is delivered to clients before it is tested by quality assurance.

Essential information about each client, including use cases, contacts, relevant locations, and URLS are recorded and tracked in a client-specific project management intranet. Hosted solutions go through strict monitoring and checks to ensure disaster recovery measures are working, such as periodic checks of the monitoring system and recovery of the database exports.